Our educational approach is multilayered and well-rounded, and teaching the whole child will always be a priority at BwCCS 2. And while we have a robust academic program, we also offer other Electives* such as: 

*See Core Curriculum for some of our Elective descriptions.


We also offer free Afterschool Programs for all students. Some of the programs offered during are:

We are also part of the Charter School Athletic League where we take part in sports such as:

Field Trips & Overnight Trips

We strongly believe in the value of learning naturally through experiences. We encourage ten Field Trips in each grade every year to extend the walls of the classroom into New York City, a city rich with museums, monuments, landmarks, and learning opportunities. These trips are offered at minimal or no cost to families. We also have end-of-year Overnight Trips so that students can have experiences outside of New York City with their peers.