Elementary School Staff


Mike Ferrara

Elementary School Co-Principal

Yvette Ferrara

Elementary School Co-Principal

Jacqueline Abreu

Elementary School Dean of Academics and Culture (Grades K-2)

Brandon Scott

Elementary School Dean of Academics and Culture (Grades 3-5)

Cristal Rodriguez

Director of Special Needs Supports

Michael Copeland

Director of Operations

Katherine Rodriguez

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Donna Ogle

Class KA

Johnnie Watson

Class KA

Adriana Cisneros

Class KB

Eliana Garcia

Class KB Grade Team Leader

Louise Sanchez

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

First Grade

Michael DiGregorio

Class 1A Grade Team Leader

Stephanie Villaronga

Class 1A

Devon Losee

Class 1B

Claudia Peralta

Class 1B

Second Grade

Lindsay Bergh

Class 2A Grade Team Leader

Fabiola Valcin

Class 2A

Alex Numeroff

Class 2B

Tori Malin

Class 2B

Third Grade

Jennifer Mack

Class 3A Grade Team Leader

Jaime Stavola

Class 3A

David Rodriguez

Class 3B

Geralde Vaserman

Class 3B

Fourth Grade

Yaron Gal-Zur

Class 4A Grade Team Leader

Lily Chen

Class 4A

Lauren Strumpf

Class 4B

Yudy Vanegas

Class 4B

Fifth Grade

Don Gilbert

Class 5A

Caitlin Chavez

Class 5A

Jennifer Barnes

Class 5B Grade Team Leader

Arlene Toussaint

Class 5B


Colin McNally

Music Teacher

Lauren Pantos

Art Teacher

Eddy Correa

PE Teacher

Nicole Anjos

Science Teacher

Student Supports

Ashon Ware

SETSS Teacher Grades K-2

Adanna McMayo

SETSS Teacher Grades 3-5

Yeydy de la Cruz

ENL Teacher Grades 3-5

Elisa Velazquez

ENL Teacher Grades K-2

Operations & Family Engagement

Lidia Gonzalez

Office Manager Parent Coordinator

Noemi Espinal

Operations Associate

Sarina Gutierrez

Afterschool Coordinator

Carmen Delgado

School Aide & School Librarian

Karelee Guerrero

School Aide

Isabel Galarce-Garcia

School Aide

Valeska Torrez

School Aide

Anthony Bhimsain

Senior Data Associate, All Schools

Founders Joe and Carol Reich

The principles we were building our school on, presented something potentially huge in education reform. These principles-parental choice, freedom to operate in a manner consistent with the needs of specific children, parent involvement, longer school days and a longer school year, merit compensation for teachers-could be a game changer for children of poverty. It was the growing sense of this possibility that re-energized us and gave us the strength to push on, for as long as necessary.

We both shared a common and basic belief: families of means can afford to send their children to private schools or relocate to an affluent neighborhood where public schools have greater resources. The poor cannot. We recoiled against this injustice. We made it our own struggle.