Student Supports


Special Education


At BwCCS 2, about 20% of students have IEPs (Individualized Education Programs), and they learn alongside general education students in an inclusive learning environment. The goal of our multidisciplinary special education team is to provide a quality learning environment with the fewest restrictions possible for students with all learning differences. We take pride in doing this while maintaining high expectations for learning. With the support of our Licensed Clinical Social Worker and emotionally intelligent staff members, we help our students to develop into healthy, confident, well-adjusted children across all school environments.

Parents as Partners

Parents and caregivers are a critical part of the IEP team. Since the phrases ‘special education’ and ‘special needs’ are often accompanied by feelings of fear, embarrassment, and confusion, it is important for us to meet caregivers where they are in their child’s special education journey. Parents, your voices matter! We are partners in the process of supporting your child in school and helping you navigate an often intimidating process. We are here to help whenever and however we can.


Related Services


BwCCS 2 special education students receive services from occupational, physical, and speech and language therapists from the Department of Education free of charge. Providers collaborate with school staff to meet with students during school hours and integrate these strategies into their classroom.

Social and Emotional Development

With the support of our Licensed Clinical Social Worker and emotionally intelligent staff members, students can find a nurturing environment to help develop healthy, confident, well-adjusted children across all school environments giving them skills they can carry outside of the four walls of the classroom and school.

Supporting English Language Learners

BwCCS 2 offers a free-standing English as a New Language program (ENL) with a combination of push-in and pull-out instruction to service the approximately 15% of ELLs that make up our student population. With the support of over 50% bilingual staff members and our ENL teachers, BwCCS 2 is equipped to provide essential language support while preserving the diverse cultural backgrounds of our students.

Other Supports

In addition to the programs and services offered at BwCCS 2, if a child has an IEP, he or she may qualify for assistive technology, SETSS (Special Education Teaching Support Services; reading, writing, math small group targeted intervention), Education Vision Services, paraprofessional services (for health and crisis only), testing accommodations, door-to-door bussing (if your child qualifies), Behavior Intervention Plans, and parent training. If you have any questions about these or other supports at BwCCS 2, please contact the Director of Special Needs.

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