Rise Up, Reach Back: Luftah Subair

Rise Up, Reach Back: Luftah Subair

Luftah's Story Continued...

"I realized how unfair and inaccessible these spaces are to students like me. Getting into these predominantly white and wealthy spaces is difficult in itself and being able to stay and survive in these spaces is difficult."

Yet Luftah said that since she’s been in college she’s become more aware of different career options. During the college application process, Lutfah was skeptical when Janine, her BwC Legacy Network mentor, suggested she explore public policy and international affairs.

“That’s actually my major now. I’ve learned so much about what can be done with policy and also looking at [issues] from a quantitative perspective as well.”

Through another internship she had this summer, Lutfah explored the role the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) played in how online learning platforms collected and monetized student data. Lutfah said that through these experiences she has learned how data collection is inherently biased. She is considering going to law school and possibly pursuing a PhD in statistics or data analysis.

"I don’t know how I got myself into it because I swore I would never take another math class... but statistics has become a newfound passion of mine."

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